Does Gen Y Know Their Manners?

Millennials and Gen Y have a reputation for not always dressing, communicating or acting professionally at work, but is this true or just a generational stereotype? In this interview on The CBS Early Show, Millennials keynote speaker Jason Dorsey shares what he sees when visiting employers large and small around the world. Jason brings a frontline perspective to the generational conversation because he works with diverse Millennials employers ranging from engineering firms to fast food restaurants.


Millennials and Gen Y are the fastest growing generation in the workforce. Increasingly companies are counting on Millennials in not just entry-level positions, but also in management and key leadership roles. Knowing how to effectively communicate, lead and train Millennials is key to unlocking their tremendous value in the workplace.

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gen y manners at work Jason explains how manners look different to each generation. CBS Early Show

Jason keynoting the Pillars of America Speakers Series in Juneau, Alaska. His customized keynote on bridging generations received a standing ovation from the 550 attendees.

Jason with Korie and George after keynoting Dolby’s Global IT Conference. Jason is a big fan of Dolby surround sound!

Jason with Cassie after delivering his Y-Size Your Business program at the Governor of Wyoming’s Workforce Solutions Summit.

Jason with Lori after keynoting the Michigan Works Statewide Workforce Summit. Jason received a huge standing ovation from the 700 business leaders!