Gen Y Is Changing How We Buy

Millennials and Gen Y have the greatest lifetime value of any consumer, but do they have money to spend now? And how in the world do they make purchasing decisions? In this CNBC Closing Bell interview, Millennials expert Jason Dorsey brings a brand-new perspective to Millennials as consumers. Jason reveals that Millennials are entering a never-before-seen life stage, which has changed when they make major purchases. He also reveals that Millennials’ dependence on technology has altered how they make purchases, from their coffee to their cars. Millennials are influencing how every other generation buys today, including yours. Watch to see for yourself.


Millennials and Gen Y are the fastest growing generation of consumers in the market. They have a massive lifetime value to companies (more than any other generation!). They tell all their friends when shopping, rely on strangers’ advice for important purchases and have a completely different take on customer loyalty. The brands, marketers and salespeople that adapt to attract and retain Millennials as customers will have a tremendous competitive advantage winning every consumer age group.

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gen y is changing the way we buy Do Millennials hate cars? See for yourself and decide. CNBC Closing Bell

Jason signs his newest book after keynoting the Executive Sales Summit.

Jason keynoting the Destination Marketing Association International conference. He received a standing ovation from the global audience!

Jason’s speech on selling to Gen Y and across generations received a standing ovation from Hyatt’s international sales leaders!

Jason takes a “cheesy” photo after speaking to leaders at Kraft’s national headquarters.