Crossing the Leadership Divide

Research-Based Insights and Practical Actions to Deliver Leadership Results

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Customized Keynote to Full-Day Program

Presentation Overview:


Leaders today face a wide variety of challenges. Workforce changes. New consumer expectations. Rapidly emerging technology. Upstart competitors. Virtual, hybrid, global, and so much more.

If your leaders are ready for a new perspective and approach to leading for results, then you need research-based insights and practical solutions that you can use immediately. Jason delivers exactly that and more in Crossing the Leadership Divide.

In this motivating, take-action presentation, Jason delivers a new perspective on the five discoveries to drive tangible results for leaders at all levels. He shares how our experience can propel us forward and the hidden way it can hold us back. He reframes how to think about company culture and what unexpectedly matters most—based on his work leading more than 100 research studies.

Leaders at every level gain a new way to think about what holds us together, what drives true engagement, and what actually works to create lasting results.

Please note this presentation is ideal for repeat clients because it does not include any mention of generations or generational research, but rather Jason’s larger work studying leadership, organizational performance, and human behavior.

Key Presentation Outcomes:

  • Learn how experience can propel us forward but also limit growth and innovation
  • Gain an entirely new way to think about workplace culture through underlying behaviors and hidden influences
  • Discover new insights into what works now to drive trust, engagement, and effective communication

This presentation is built on unique research, first-hand stories, and practical solutions that inspire, deliver an unexpected point of view and lead to new thinking for new results.

In Crossing the Leadership Divide, you’ll see firsthand what Jason Dorsey has uncovered leading research for more than 100 companies—and why he’s received over 1,000 standing ovations for his presentations. You’ll also see why Adweek calls Jason Dorsey a “research guru.”

What makes Jason unique and instantly credible?

In addition to founding two Inc 5000 companies, Jason has served on both private and public company boards of directors. He is also on retainer with private equity and venture capital firms to drive faster growth with their portfolio companies. He brings a practical focus that is exactly what leaders need to know now.

Please contact Emily Boyd for information on Jason or to check his speaking availability.

“Jason Dorsey is one of the most compelling and engaging speakers that I’ve come across in my career. In fact, ‘speaker’ does not adequately describe Jason, who is equal parts researcher, social anthropologist, and entertainer.”

–Stephen Cannon, CEO, Mercedes-Benz USA

Research Discovery: 60% of Gen Z says that a company’s reputation as an employer affects their decision to buy a product or service. 

(2021-2022 State of Gen Z® National Study)

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