In-Depth Programs with Jason Dorsey

From Follow-Up Keynotes and Webinars to Advisory Work and Consulting

Jason Dorsey’s powerful keynotes and full-day presentations are the spark that ignites understanding, excitement, and action across generations. However, supporting and enhancing those actions to drive sustained measurable results often requires reinforcement, ongoing insights, and on-demand problem-solving.

To maximize the impact of his speaking, research, and frontline strategies, Jason offers follow-up programs for clients who recognize solving generational challenges is critical to their business. These programs go much deeper into his research and solutions—and can last from months to years—to ensure you and your stakeholders drive the measurable results you need.

Jason offers two types of follow-up programs:


Jason and his research team at The Center for Generational Kinetics will work with you to custom design follow-up keynote, half-day, and full-day presentations that dive deeper into solving your specific challenges using his research, content, and solutions.

These return programs are designed for audiences that have heard Jason’s acclaimed Gen Z, Millennials, or Generations keynotes and now want to go deeper into driving innovation, strategy, and problem-solving.

These follow-up keynote presentations and webinars build on the foundation of excitement, knowledge, and trust created by Jason’s initial keynote presentation. Follow-up programs range from in-depth presentations for senior leaders, such as a corporate board or annual executive retreat, or an innovation session tied to strategizing on new products, services, messaging, or marketing, to full-day Summits hosted by Jason specific for your company or organization.

Whether Jason is returning to help you with a follow-up keynote, advanced strategy session, or presenting during a board or investor retreat, he delivers it in his trademark style that engages, entertains, and drives action.

Please note: For smaller groups, such as corporate boards or investor events, Jason’s presentation is more interactive and conversational than his normal large-audience keynote.


For many clients, once they experience the impact of Jason’s keynote or full-day programs, they want to directly engage Jason in a longer results-driven relationship. This allows Jason to work closely with you as a trusted advisor, board member, thought leader, or expert Gen Z and Millennial strategist.

Jason offers advisory and consulting relationships where he and his team provide ongoing insights, strategies, and on-demand problem-solving. This can range from live WebEx sessions and time-sensitive problem-solving to enterprise advisory solutions.

These relationships enable Jason to work directly with you to drive key outcomes, such as increasing Millennial and Gen Z sales, inspiring new product or service innovation, and unlocking greater performance with your workforce. Jason’s advisory clients range from Fortune 500 corporations and venture-backed startups to institutional investors and private equity firms.

To learn more about these advanced options, please email Emily Boyd.

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