What Do We Know About the Generation After Millennials?


“A lot of what we believe about generations isn’t true,” explains Dorsey. “It sounds good but it’s not grounded in real research.”

A sample of some of the insights Dorsey shares in the TEDx talk:

  • Seven-year-olds in the U.S. may have more in common with seven-year-olds in India than a 65-year-old in their own country.
  • iGen will likely have 6 generations in their workforce (Jason explains why)
  • iGen does not remember 9/11…to them it has always been history.

Not only is iGen a large generation and very different than Millennials, but iGen are already influencing marketingtechnology and workplace trends in a major way. Whether you call them iGen, Gen Z or Centennials, this new generation of consumers, employees and voters is going to have an impact immediately.

Jason dives deep in his TEDx talk about his discovery that Millennials are splitting into two different generations. Dorsey says this will have a profound impact on iGen, from how they are raised to job opportunities.

To see all seven key insights Dorsey shares, and why his iGen daughter changed how he sees the world, watch Jason’s TEDx video now.

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