Jason Dorsey Inducted into Speaker Hall of Fame!

Friends and Family – I am incredibly excited to share the biggest news of my speaking career!!!!!!! I was inducted into the Speaker Hall of Fame!!!!!!

After 20+ years as a professional speaker, this means so much to me! I remember going to my first National Speakers Association Hall of Fame gala over 20(!) years ago. I was in awe of the amazing speakers on the big stage. Back then, I never imagined I’d deliver over 3,000 keynote presentations around the world, speak in all 50 US states by age 30, win American Airlines Road Warrior of the year (LOL), and earn a place in the Speaker Hall of Fame. I would not have penciled that path, nor would I have changed any of the challenges, breakthroughs, and adventures.

And what an adventure it has been! From sleeping on a floor at age 18 surrounded by 5,000 self-printed books to launching a global research firm and then receiving our industry’s highest honor while my daughter Rya and my wife Denise cheered!!!!!

Each of YOU has helped me on this journey. I am grateful. What an adventure it has been. I am thankful to be on it with YOU!! I hope to speak at an event for you in the future!

If you’d like to request information about my speaking, please send an email to [email protected] or call our friendly team at +1 (512) 259-6877

With gratitude,

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Zconomy Was Featured on Forbes List of Top Four Books to Help You Reach New Levels of Success

Generation Z is the fastest growing generation in the workforce today, the most valuable generation of emerging consumers, and the greatest driver of technology adoption around the world. Dr. Denise Villa and I researched and co-wrote Zconomy to help leaders in every industry, of every generation, in all geographies best prepare for, understand, and unlock the extraordinary potential of Gen Z at this pivotal time in their emergence. 

Gen Z Leadership Research

Gen Z Investors Have Been Hit Hard by the Stock Market and Cryptocurrency Crash and are Rethinking Their Investment Approach

The current stock market crash and cryptocurrency winter are a shock to every generation, but could be especially formative to Gen Z as they move forward as investors. It’s critically important that the generation not give up on investing but learn from this experience and apply lessons to become better investors as Gen Z has the most time to compound their gains of any adult generation right now!

Gen Z Investing Research

Gen Z and the Great Resignation? It turns out many Gen Z workers are thinking about their next job. Are you doing what it takes to keep them? Watch my Yahoo! Finance interview to hear CGK’s surprising discoveries into Gen Z workforce trends

One new trend to pay close attention to that we are studying at CGK: Ghosting. This is what happens when an employee is hired, agrees to show up to work, but then never arrives on the first day of work. Yes! This happens. And right now, it is happening a lot and creating tremendous frustration for employers. At some point, the employer-employee dynamic will likely change and become more balanced, but for the foreseeable future, ghosting is likely to stick around—so we need to take action to get new hires to stick around, too!  

Gen Z Research Workforce