Do Millennials Act Entitled?

Popular media loves to say Millennials are spoiled, lazy and entitled, but is it true? In this eye-opening interview on The CBS Early Show, Millennials expert Jason Dorsey brings an insider perspective to the “Millennials and Gen Y entitlement” debate. Jason shares insights from his extensive work with managers and executives around the world who hire, lead and depend on Millennials as employees.



Every generation, from Millennials to Traditionalists, brings different strengths and experiences to the workforce. As a leader, it is critical that you know how to bring out the best in each generation of your employees and colleagues. To bridge generations and create unstoppable teams, we must start by understanding each generation in the context of our own generation.

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do millennials act entitled Jason debates whether Millennials are lazy or just work differently. Watch and decide for yourself. CBS Early Show

Jason with attendees after keynoting Taco Bell’s National Franchisee Conference. His speech to 1,000 franchisees received a standing ovation!

Jason speaks at Intuit National Headquarters twice! Here he is with Terilyn. Now he knows where to go for help with Quickbooks.

Jason keynoting an invite-only summit for leaders in financial services. They loved that he didn’t use PowerPoint!

Jason with Laurel after delivering his Y-Size Your Business keynote at the Salon Today National Conference. Jason taught salon owners creative ways to attract, retain and motivate their Gen Y staff.

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