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Trusted Millennial and Gen Z Expert

Jason Dorsey is the go-to expert and researcher that media outlets and journalists rely on for the latest about Millennials (Gen Y), Gen Z (iGen), and the generations. He explains breaking news, debunks myths, and debates the generational divide.

Outspoken and research-driven, Jason’s surprising comments make TV anchors laugh. See for yourself in the quick video to the right. Contact Jason to request an interview or check his media availability.

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Sizzle Reel

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Trusted Millennials Expert

Media outlets and journalists rely on Jason Dorsey. He explains breaking news about Millennials, debunks Gen Y myths and debates the generational divide. Jason is outspoken, research-driven and makes TV anchors laugh. See for yourself. Watch the quick video.

Jason Breaks National News

Jason regularly appears on national TV to share his research, provide context on Millennials (Gen Y) and Gen Z (iGen), and debate the generational divide.



Jason Dorsey is the media’s go-to expert on generations—especially Millennials and the next generation, known as iGen or Gen Z.



Jason was recently featured in The New York Times cover story on marketing to Millennials. Click here to read.

Gen Z: The Next Generation

The generation after Millennials—known as Gen Z, iGen, Centennials, or Founders—is already making big news in sales, marketing, employment, parenting, and more. Jason is the leading expert, researcher, and speaker on Gen Z.



The Washington Post followed research on Gen Z by The Center for Generational Kinetics, where Jason Dorsey is Chief Strategy Officer.



Jason Dorsey is quoted in this feature article on Gen Z, communication, and the workplace of the future.

Millennials and Money

Do Millennials have money to spend (besides their Mom and Dad’s)? The short answer is yes, and lots of it! Jason reveals what you need to know now about the most influential generation in today’s marketplace.


Millennial Business Moguls

Millennial entrepreneurs are shaking up the business world and creating tremendous wealth in the process. CBS Early Show


Millennials Have Money

Jason reveals why Gen Y trusts strangers’ advice online when making purchases and what this means for business. CBS Early Show

Are All Millennials Entitled?

Jason jumps into the debate on whether or not Millennials act entitled. The results are generational fireworks.


Do Millennials Act Entitled?

Jason debates whether Millennials are entitled and lazy or just work differently. Watch and decide. CBS Early Show


The Greatest Generation? Seriously?

Greatest generation or over-confident and immature? The sparks fly when Jason goes on FOX News.

How New Generations Revolutionize the Consumer Experience

Learn how Millennials and Gen Y are disrupting car buying. Plus, Gen Z is right behind Millennials and shaking up their own marketplace.


Gen Y Is Changing How We Buy

Millennials are changing car buying—and many other marketplaces—forever. Jason reveals how and why on CNBC’s The Closing Bell.


Tweens Are Spending Billions!

Gen Z is leading a spending boom. Learn why the most marketed-to generation in history is so trend-aware and how to cash in. CNBC

The Groundbreaking Gen Y
Interview That Sparked a National Conversation

Jason is the original thought leader on Millennials and Gen Y.
His 60 Minutes interview is required watching at businesses
around the world.


Does Gen Y Know Their Manners?

Jason explains why and how manners at work look differently to each generation in the workforce. CBS Early Show


Who are the Millennials?

Watch the controversial interview that sparked a national debate. The emotional debate about Millennials continues to this day. 60 Minutes



Media: The Gen Y Guy Says It How It Is—and sometimes without vowels

A proud member of Gen Y (who texts his mom every day), Jason has been featured as a Millennials and Gen Y expert on 60 Minutes, 20/20, The Today Show, The View, in Fortune Magazine, The Wall Street Journal and over 100 other media outlets. Jason draws on his unique perspective as a member of Gen Y who has spoken with 400,000 of his peers on issues ranging from workplace beliefs and education preferences to online shopping habits.

Jason is known for memorable quotes, such as this one in The Wall Street Journal:

“Yes, if I go into a hardware store, I want advice from someone over age 60, because he could build my house with a screwdriver. But if I walk into an Apple store, I want the young person with blue hair and stretched earlobes, because he can talk to my computer.”

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Major media that has featured Jason include: 60 Minutes, 20/20, NBC’s Today Show (three times!), ABC’s The View, Fortune Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, NPR’s On Point, USA TODAY,, Association Meetings Magazine, TeenPeople, CNN, Oprah & Friends Radio Network,,, and dozens more newspaper, television, online and radio outlets. Jason’s story has also been featured in The Success Principles by Jack Canfield and three Chicken Soup for the Soul books.